Our Process

Design and Development Steps


It all starts with you. We discuss your situation and needs. We immerse ourselves in your business process, and ask the questions that impact your relationship with your audience. We listen to your goals and your vision.


We organize and architect the information that you have into easily managed and deliverable sets. We analyze unique application needs you might have. We also plan for the future. We build your site to grow, not contain, your business.


The design process starts by creating an identity to your site. This branding is derived by knowing the audience we are designing for, knowing your services, and designing to bridge the communication between you and your customer and your relationships, to create and involve your on-line presence.


Every website has unique programmatic needs. Part of the art of design is to imagine applications that logically extend your business. Whether the applications are pre-existing and need integration, or you have a need for your own unique App., we can help.

Launch / Track

After the design of your site is implemented, we launch your site. We work with your existing technology host or offer you solutions to a compatible hosting operation. As part of every site we design we stress the importance of watching theviewing behaviors via your site analytics.


We are educators at heart. Our passion is learning, growing and applying our new technologies to help our clients. We also believe in helping our customers become independent. That's why we offer on-site training – we want you to be able to engage and enjoy your website as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you. And, having updated content on your site just makes sense.